1 CPS Sabin Chain **NEW**
Sabin chain is a new type of cable protection system that is designed and developed by CPS eliminating any noise via a patented sideband, reducing the point of contact between links.
It is also manufactured to meet the strictest European standards, that is, without Lead, Cadmium, MErcury, Hexavalent Chromium, etc. making them completely recyclable after the end of its operating life.

S.01 Overview  Sabin Overview PDF (1.69Mb)

S.02 Clean Room Type  Sabin Clean PDF (3.8Mb)
Designed to meet the low noise and low dust demands of Semiconductor lines, LCD/PDP production lines and any application where low friction is a necessity.

S.03 Normal Type Sabin Normal PDF (5.5Mb)
Designed to be more durable and flexible than the exisiting chain system.
By creating a virtual wall around the inner chamber, it creates flexibility options for machines that don't track perfectly.

S.04 Enclosed Type Sabin Enclosed PDF (3.0Mb)
Designed to form a complete enclosure running the entire length of the chain resulting in total protection from outside impact or foreign objects.
Being stronger, quieter and more flexible than current systems, it is the ideal choice harsh, dangerous and otherwise uncleanenvironments.

S.05 Sliding Type Sabin sliding PDF (5.0Mb)
Designed to meet the requirements of long travel and where the weight of the cables cannot be supported by the normal type chain. The design of the roller skids, reduces the frictional forces acting on the chain sliding on each other, increasing product life span and in turn product life span and lower maintenance costs.

S.06 Revolving Type Sabin revelving PDF (5.35Mb)

S.07 Helix Type Sabin Helix PDF (2.3Mb)