25, July 2017

Electronex 2017 Trade Show

Once again we will be participating at the ELECTRONEX 2017 trade show at our home town in Melbourne at the Melbourne Park Function Centre, in September. The showcase will be our range of connectors for PCB and electronic applications.
Electronex 2017 Logo

06, March 2017

New Linecard

In order to better support the Defence / Military / Autosport industries, we have added a range of Mil-Specification connectors to our line-card. We believe this will allow us to provide a range of options as an Australian distributor, where our service and engineering advice can be used at your doorstep.
New Linecard

16, January 2017


We will be participating at AVALON 2017 trade show at the Avalon Airport in Geelong Australia. We will be part of the AIDN precinct, as a long time supporter to Defence and its various contractors. This will also give us an oppurtunity to showcase our range of connectors for a range of Defence applications.
Avalon 2017 Logo

10, October 2016


Please note the dates we will be closed for Christmas and the New Year period.
Closing: 12PM, Friday 23rd December 2016.
Re-opening: 9AM, Monday 9th January 2017.
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18, August 2016

ELECTRONEX 2016 Trade Show

We will be participating at the ELECTRONEX 2016 trade show at the Australian Technology Park, in Sydney next month. This will give us an oppurtunity to showcase our range of connectors for PCB and electronic applications.
Electronex Logo

01, August 2016

CABLE GLANDS (Metal/Plastic) and Accessories

Our range of Metric cable glands, both in metal and plastic are suitable for all applications requiring dust and water protection. We hold a range of both the brass and plastic series, along with a select range of Stainless Steel glands.
Cable glands and accessories

01, July 2016


Please check our July special on a select range of our PAH and CPSS conduit range. Our PAH range is manufactured from Polyamide6, medium-walled, self-extinguishing, RoHS compliant and with CE and VDE compliance. Our CPSS range is of a similar material but with a split for easy installation of cables.

01, June 2016


Our Product Brief flyer is a guide to the range of products that we market and distribute. It covers a broad range of connectors and electrical products and services, that we offer.

Our Short Form catalogue covers our range of products, illustrated in a single page format that we feel is a simple to follow guide. If information provided within this catalogue is insufficient, more detailed catalogue are available from the respective product pages within this site. For additional information or queries, please contact us on the tel. numbers or email mentioned below.

23, Sep 2015


We have moved to our new location with more space and facilities to better serve your needs and requirements. Our newsletter details our changes,

01, Feb 2014

Allied Connectors are proud to launch a range of rubber dust covers to suit the MIL-C 5015 and Mil-C 26482 S1 range of connectors. We have designed and developed this range to provide a more cost effective range of protection for applications calling for dust and moisture protection. For more details, please visit our rubber Dustcaps page.

01, July 2013

We have introduced a NEW range of cable chains that will replace our CPS range of products, called the SHIFT chain. This particular range gives us added flexibility of changing the bending radius without replacing the side bands. This allows the bending raduis to be changed in-line with the bending radius of the cable being used, without replacing the complete chain. For additional details of this range, please visit our cable chain page.

01, July 2009

As a supplier of connectors for the last 19 years, we have been asked on numerous occasions about our ability to offer cable assemblies as an add-on service. Upon considerable investigation and study, management have decieded to undertake small to medium assemblies in-house and for larger volumes, work with our partners to offer this service.