4 UTS IP68/69K plastic connectors **NEW**
UTS are the next generation TRIM TRIO range of connectors.
They are available as a standard UTS, UTS Hi seal, UTS discrete wire sealing,
UTS screw termination and UTS RJ45.

Manufactured by Souriau - FRANCE
4.01 General Overview (1.6Mb)
4.02 UTS Connectors (0.96Mb)
4.03 UTS Discrete wire sealing (780kb)
4.04 UTS Hi seal  (1.15Mb)
4.05 UTS Screw termination  (540kb)
4.06 UTS RJ45   (445kb)
4.03 UTS Accessories  (0.5Mb)
4.03 Contacts  (1.4Mb)